Exploring How Machine Learning Practitioners (Try To) Use Fairness Toolkits
Wesley Hanwen Deng, Manish Nagireddy, Michelle Seng Ah Lee, Jatinder Singh, Zhiwei Steven Wu, Kenneth Holstein, Haiyi Zhu
FAccT '22 [Full Paper]
The Model Card Authoring Toolkit: Towards Community-centered, Deliberation-driven AI Design
Hong Shen, Leijie Wang, Wesley Hanwen Deng, Haiyi Zhu
FAccT '22 [Full Paper]
Opportunities for Human-centered Evaluation of Machine Translation Systems 
Dan Liebling, Katherine Heller, Samantha Roberston, Wesley Hanwen Deng
NAACL '22 [Full Paper]
Beyond General Purpose Machine Translation: The Need for Context-specific Empirical Research to Design for Appropriate User Trust
Wesley Hanwen Deng, Nikita Mehandru, Samantha Roberston, Niloufar Salehi.
CHI '22 TRAIT Workshop [Short Presentation]
Three Directions for the Design of Human-Centered Machine Translation
Samantha Roberston, Wesley Hanwen Deng, Timnit Gebru, Margaret Mitchell, Dan Liebling,
Michal Lahav, Katherine Heller, Mark Diaz, Samy Bengio, Niloufar Salehi.

EACL '21 HCI + NLP  
Robust Laughter Detection in Noisy Environments
Jon Gillick, Wesley Hanwen Deng, Kimiko Ryokai, David Bamman.
Interspeech '21 [Full Paper]
Value Cards: An Educational Toolkits for Teaching Social Impacts of Machine Learning through Deliberation
Hong Shen, Wesley Hanwen Deng, Aditi Chattopadhyay, Zhiwei Steven Wu, Xu Wang, Haiyi Zhu.
FAccT '21 [Full Paper,CHI '21 [Workshop
Personal Laughter Archives: Reflection through Visualization and Interaction
Kimiko Ryokai, Julia Park, Wesley Hanwen Deng.
UbiComp '20 [Poster][Demo]