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Augmented Conversation

Wesley Deng

Yejun Wu

Jessie Lyu


Yakira Mirabito


Supervised by:

Eric Paulos

Adam Hutz

Vivek Rao

Augment Conversation.png

People love to add filters and effects to recorded videos on various social media: Instagram, SnapChat, Tik Tok, etc., and the trend is proliferating. However, adding effects to a recorded conversation could be contrived. We envision a future where the post-effect manufacture happens in real-time, allowing users to have a spontaneous, immersive, and cinematic experience while rendering a conversation. Our device is versatile: sometimes, it positively exaggerates the emotions; sometimes, it whimsically twists the atmosphere. An app is prototyped for users to personalize the settings, revisit the scenes, and share the excerpts. Leveraging the state-of-art affective computing power, we aim to explore the nuanced intricacy of language-using and augment those commemorable moments from people’s daily conversation. [Code] [Documentation]

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